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At Dispatch Only we strive to offer our customers the utmost in professional trucking service. As a leading trucking company, we provide a complete variety of trucking and transportation service for our clients in order to meet their every transportation need. Our services include dry van service. With a staff of experienced professionals and drivers, our trucking company will transport your load safely and efficiently while offering you cost effective trucking service.


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Office Numbers and Fax:
  • 407-DRIVE-USA       (407-374-8387)                               407-4EZ-LOAD         (407-439-5623)
  • Fax: 1-800-708-6268
  • Office Hours: Mon.- Fri.  (8:00am- 5:00pm EST)
  • Office Admin/ Dispatcher: deb@dispatchonly.com
  • Operations Manager: willie@dispatchonly.com

Service 1

Delivering a peace of mind solution by updating our customers and drivers electronically daily.

Service 2

We will maintain in communication with our drivers and customers 24/7 until the work is done.

Service 3

Constantly seeking quality good paying loads that best fit our drivers and schedules.

Are you tired of looking for your next load?

Are you tired of depending on loved ones for your next load and not getting the right price?

Are you tired of waiting in a truck stop for days and not getting paid what your worth?

Stop Being Tired… Leave Everything To US!

                We can help… With over 25 years of experience within the industry we can get you moving with the right pay load that you deserve. We have hundreds of contacts to get you moving.

                We will handle all the “in-between” process by communicating and handling all paperwork and documents with the clients. Allowing you to maintain a “Peace of Mind”, the only thing you will need to do is DRIVE!!!


The Ultimate Piece of Mind Solution for Any Trucker on the Road!!!

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At One way Services LLC DBA Dispatch Only, we are quality driven to provide the best trucking services possible to our valued customers. It is our number one goal to build lasting relationships with each of our customers and our employees.

By following through with our commitments for every trucking service, we aim to become the trucking company of choice for our valued customers. We provide each employee with financial security and career opportunities in order to reinforce our relationship of trust and our commitment to quality.


We have a number of company-owned 53-foot air-ride dry vans to handle any dry freight shipments. With our dry van trucking service, we can transport your full truckloads shipments while ensuring that your shipments are completed in an efficient and timely manner.

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